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Home Improvements

Tricks to Making a Small Home Feel Bigger

The longer you live in your home, the more things you notice start to accumulate. Ultimately, it can begin to be quite difficult to get around, as well as visually unappealing. However, you don’t need to start breaking down the walls in order to ensure that your belongings fit. There are multiple tricks to make your small home feel bigger and to make better use of the space you have. Here are some handy tips:

  1. Purchase smart furniture: Everyone’s heard of it, but most people think that only the real interior design geeks actually have it. Well, that’s starting to change. Smart beds, sofas, and draws are perfect for making the most out of limited space. A smart bed, for instance, not only allows you to pull it up at night time and utilise the space. Many smart beds also include a significantly sized storage area.
  1. Uncover your windows: Uncovered windows help bring a lot of daylight in from outdoors, brightening up the room and giving the optical illusion of it being larger. Large windows also tend to draw one’s eyes outdoors, making one feel less claustrophobic. Although this method doesn’t actually increase the space in your house, it does help to give that impression.
  2. Utilise floor-to-ceiling shelves: By buying floor-to-ceiling shelving units, you’ll be able to make use of every inch of wall space in your house. The higher shelves can be the perfect place for long-term storage items, which you rarely use, while the lower shelves can be used to store every-day utensils. Such shelving units also tend to draw one’s eyes upward, making it seem as though the ceilings are higher than they are and hence making your home feel larger.
  3. Build a garden shed: Summer Houses and garden sheds are often the perfect solutions to a crowded house. You can use your garden sheds as a storage space, as an office, a cinema room or otherwise. No matter what you use it for, the extra space is likely to ensure that your house isn’t too cramped. Heck, if you move your home office into a detached garden house you that’ll mean you’ll have a new empty room at home!
  4. Paint the walls light colours: Dark colours prevent light from reflecting on the walls and thus tend to make a room seem smaller. Lighter colours, on the other hand, not only bring a joyous atmosphere to the house but also make it appear larger. Painting your walls white, yellow or cream should be a good idea if you want your home to feel bigger.
  1. Buy mirrors: As with light colours, anything that reflects a lot of light tends to make the room seem larger. And what could possibly reflect more light than mirrors? Where you place your mirrors is also important to keep in mind, as you want to be reflecting as many spacious parts of your house as possible.

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Bradenton Plumbers – Things To Consider Before Hiring An Expert

As homeowners, there are times when we have to face usual household problems like clogged drainage, pipe leakage, and HVAC system failure to name a few. In fact, you may sometimes fix such problems using your DIY or home improvement kits, but we are not always sure how skilled you are because plumbing systems may fail when the task was not completed with 100% guarantee and efficiency. We are not experienced here, so it would still be ideal to contact professional Bradenton plumbers, who are more reliable than the work of a layman’s hand.

But for example, if you really know how to fix a loosen tap or simple leak in the pipe under your kitchen sink, then do it well but make sure to still ask for an expert’s help to check on the problem. Sometimes what we can only do are temporary solutions, so do not forget that there are skilled individuals in the neighborhood or around Bradenton, you just need to knock at the right firm. Keep in mind that plumbing services are needed at any time of the day because situations that require their help just happen without notice.

So even when you are not yet in such a situation, you should have saved a contact already in case of an emergency like when they are needed in the middle of the night. However, before keeping this information for future use, you need to make sure that they can provide you the best plumbing services in Bradenton. This only means you should have a basis or standards to follow before hiring experts. A few factors to consider will help you choose the right company near your place.

Verified License, Certifications and Endorsements

A company that is operating for business purposes must have a license to operate and this must be verified by the authorized government agency or department in every state of the US. Since you are in Bradenton, this plumbing services should have registered their company in Florida because without this, they are not allowed to do business with you. Visit to find registered companies.

It is an important factor to consider because this will be proof of their legitimacy. Through this license, you will have an assurance that the staff who will come to your house won’t do any mishap.

You should also check their certifications as well as endorsements and accreditations. In this way, you will be able to know the type of jobs that they can do for you because some of them only offer a few plumbing services.


Sometimes, something might go wrong, while these people are doing their jobs. They are experts but some situations cannot be controlled. So you should also know, if they are insured or when they are liable for anything that would be affected within your property.

The company should know their responsibilities once they send their employees to work on the problem. For example, if they accidentally broke something, how will they handle it? If possible, check on the coverage of their insurance.

Field Experience

How long have they been serving residents in Bradenton? You might not find this important but it is because the length of service rendered in this field only means that the community trusts them. This is also a good sign that the people in charge are experienced enough.

By dealing with countless plumbing problems in the neighborhood, the experts would have widened their skills and experience already. Therefore, it would be great to rely on those who have been in this field for a longer time. Click here for a list of common problems that involves plumbing.


It is very important to establish a good reputation because the image that residents can see plays a vital part when it comes to decision-making. Of course, they will always prefer those with a good image since that is how they judge service providers.

Usually, when you have a good reputation previous clients will refer you to their friends. So it would be a great advantage because you do not need to exert too much effort in marketing. Therefore, make sure that the customers will be satisfied and they will talk good about you.


Plumbers must be available 24 hours a day because you can never tell when problems will occur at home. Situations may arise in the morning, afternoon, and even in the middle of the night when everybody is deeply sleeping. So during that time, you can’t easily ask help from the neighborhood.

Waiting for the experts and leaving the problem unsolved should not take time. Therefore, it would be great if you can contact those who are available anytime and they can fix the plumbing issue immediately. Pretty sure that this will bring relief because it would be more troublesome to ignore the problems.

Customer Support

Most service providers have customer support. Now, you have to check how responsive they are to the callers. Do they attend the calls right away?

If you are going to call them and ask for information or schedule, then observe how they treat you. Make sure that the customer support representatives are also knowledgeable in terms of this field of expertise.


Giving quotes are always quite sensitive because this is a part where money talks. After calling their office, where they able to discuss the problem and the solution to this? Did they gave you a quote during the phone call or have they told you to discuss this after their visit? That’s because there are those who come to your house and schedule the task, but this is not for emergency cases.

Actually, some of them collect a fixed price for the repair and this will even include the parts that will be changed. This will be fine but make sure that the quality of the parts needed is good. While others will only give you a quote after personally checking the problem, so it would be great to learn how much is the usual expenses for such problems to have an idea if they are collecting too much or not.

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What Can You Expect From Your Stair Chair Lift?

When it comes to getting around your home, there’s a good chance that most people don’t even give it a second thought. After all, it seems like something that wouldn’t cause a lot of problems. However, when you, or someone else who lives in your house, suffers from limited mobility, even getting around the house can be troublesome. This can be made even more problematic by fixtures around the house, particularly stairs. If you know that the limited mobility is not something that is going to go away anytime soon, then it might be worth it to consider investing in a stair chair lift.

How Can They Help?

As you might be able to imagine, a stair chair lift in Banbury is something that can take all of the hard work out of getting up the stairs. At their most basic level, they can transport someone who has mobility problems either up or down the stairs, eliminating a number of problems such as the following:

  • Tripping and falling on the stairs
  • Missing a step and falling
  • Taking a significant amount of time to climb the stairs
  • Anxiety associated with falling down the stairs

If you want to make life in your home much easier for everyone, then you can consider the idea of investing in one of these stair chair lifts. Getting one of these installed on your staircase will help save you a lot of time and anxiety over tripping on the stairs, and in the end, it will make getting around the house easier. There are very few reasons not to install one of these lifts.

How Does Installation Work?

Installing the stair chair lift itself is pretty easy as well. Once the lift is purchased, you can rest assured knowing that a professional will come out to your home to scope out how much work will need to be done. From there, the experienced installers will work with you and your needs to ensure that the stair chair lift is in the right place, easy to use, and gets over the stairs easily. Before you know it, you won’t have to stress about climbing the stairs ever again.

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Tell Tale Signs That There Is a Problem With Your Septic Tank.

If it hasn’t happened to you yet, then it is something that will occur and you wouldn’t wish it on your worst enemy. The day will come when you flush the toilet and instead of the contents going down and away from you, it will start to rise and come towards you. This is a very scary time indeed and you only get some kind of relief, when it stops at the rim of the toilet and then starts to slowly recede downwards. When this happens to you, you can be sure that there is a problem with your septic tank and this needs immediate attention.

Many homes experience septic tank problems in Oxford, but thankfully, they know they can call out a professional to take care of it. The following are some of the tell-tale signs that there is an issue with your septic tank.

  • The toilet has been mentioned, but when the water from your shower drains away very slowly, or doesn’t drain away at all, then there is definitely an issue with your septic tank and it needs to be fixed.

  • Similarly, if your bathtub and the kitchen sink isn’t draining water away quickly enough and then you start to hear gurgling sounds in your plumbing system, then there is a problem with your septic tank.

  • Your septic tank is usually installed outside near the home and if you start to experience bad smells coming from that area and the grass is bright green and spongy, then again, you have a problem with your septic tank.

If you are experiencing any of the above issues, then you need to call someone out to address the problem.





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